2014 Mahindra Thar Specifications

2014 Mahindra Thar is like a camel in the dessert; perfect wagon for a ride in sand dunes or an adventurous jungle safari. With its rugged appearance and 4X4 drive, it hits bang on the toughest of terrains. The powerful gypsy from Indian automobile manufacturer, 2014 Mahindra Thar shoulders the tradition coming since ages. The spectacular jeep comes with signature designing and devilish looks. Mahindra Thar wears a look of its ancestors and assures a better performance to its users. Those who admire retro power and believe in old is gold, Mahindra has offered the best option to go for. Before coming to India in December 2010, Mahindra Thar was a great hit in the South African market. In the domestic market, it created a niche market for itself. It rolls out from the Nasik plant.

2014 Mahindra Thar is designed in a retro traditional look such that it stimulates the brand loyalty existing since many generations. The open jeep has its own aroma and gives an unmatched style with raw looks. The jeep is a part of Indian culture and its visibility in history assure its performance and reliability. The strong jeep from Mahindra is designed to give stand out off-roading experience. The bold designing of the Mahindra Thar helps it to pierce even in the worst of terrains and yet maintains a security quotient to the passengers.

The seven seater open jeep from Mahindra is truly a synonym of power with its CRDe Turbocharged Intercooled, 4WD diesel engine and also has two variants with Di engine (without common rail). The powerful CRDe engine is capable of giving a maximum power of 105 HP at 3800 rpm and also a beating torque of 247 Nm at 1800-2000 rpm. The masculine engine is coupled to BORGWARNER 4WD system (5 speed Manual Shift) with low reduction gear. Mahindra Thar assures a safe and powerful drive on worst road conditions. The gypsy is given amazing tubeless tyres with high traction 16 inch wheels that are kept at low weight so as to reduce its overall un-sprung weight. Earlier, automobile critics always used to mention in Mahindra Thar reviews that the SUV becomes unbearable in scorching Indian heat. Therefore, the new Thar CRDe is now available with factory fitted AC kit with heater for comfort and digital immobilizer for safety keeping Mahindra Thar price in check to quite an extent. Power steering, low turning radius, compact size, etc are the high points of this SUV.