2014 Mahindra Thar


2014 Mahindra Thar has been doing amazingly well in the South African market and it is expected that it would create a niche yet again in the SUV segment in India as well. Offered for those who like to move on the path, less travelled, 2014 Mahindra Thar is making its way tomorrow to conquer the hardest of terrains.
The powerful gypsy from Indian automobile manufacturer, 2014 Mahindra Thar is here to shoulder the tradition coming since ages. The spectacular jeep comes with signature designing and devilish looks. 2014 Mahindra Thar wears a look of its ancestors and assures a better performance to its users. Those who admire retro power and believe in old is gold, here Mahindra has offered the best option to go for.
2014 Mahindra Thar is designed in a retro traditional look such that it stimulates the brand loyalty existing since many generations. The open jeep has its own aroma and gives an unmatched style with raw looks. The jeep is a part of Indian culture and its visibility in history assure its performance and reliability. The strong jeep from Mahindra is designed to give stand out off-roding experience. The bold designing of the 2014 Mahindra Thar helps it to Pierce even in the worst of terrains and yet maintains a security quotient to the passengers.
The four seater open jeep from Mahindra is truly a synonym of power with its NEF CRDe Turbocharged Intercooled, 4WD IV engine and also has a variant with BS engine. The powerful engine is capable of giving a maximum power of 77 Kw at 3800 rpm and also a beating torque of 247 Nm at 1800-2000 rpm. 2014 Mahindra Thar assures a safe and powerful drive on worst road conditions. The gypsy is given amazing tubeless tyres with high traction 6j x 16 wheels that are kept at low weight so as to reduce its overall un-sprung weight.
Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy:
2014 Mahindra Thar comes with a diesel engine in single variant. The NEF CRDe Turbocharged Intercooled, euro IV engine comes with a displacement of 2498cc. The 5 Speed Manual Transmission Gearbox offers a very good mileage of 9.5 kmpl in the city roads and 14 kmpl on the highways.
The all exclusive 2014 Mahindra Thar flaunts a powerful NEF CRDe Turbocharged Intercooled, euro IV engine which gives the enumerable strength to this compact jeep. The turbocharged engine comes with 5 speed manual transmission. 2014 Mahindra Thar is built in a manner that it will lure all those who look for great power in their vehicle so that they can take it off road or a hill or may be a desert and it keeps giving a fluent drive all way long. The engine comes with a total capacity of 2498cc and is built to smoke out maximum power of 105 hp at 3800 rpm and also a beating torque of 247 Nm at 1800-2000 rpm.
Interior Appearance
The interior of 2014 Mahindra Thar is pretty open. The car is built for those who hunt for adventure and thus the interior is designed keeping them in mind. The gypsy might not give you extreme comfort but certainly assures decent leg room and arm room. The seats are built in again traditional raw style without laying any stress on luxury, it assures safe yet adventurous drive.
The 2014 Mahindra Thar has bold steering taken from its predecessors. The wave of fashion trends have come and gone but nothing could affect the raw and rugged style of Mahindra jeeps. Following the tradition, Mahindra Thar wears the similar looks with some extra additions which further enhances your experience in Mahindra Gypsy. The back seats are front facing and designed absolutely simple. Not extremely comfortable but yes on rough roads it gives minimum jerk and keeps the passengers safe.
The front seats are given comfortable leg room and the open roof assures great head room as well. The gear system is also taken from mythological jeeps and the front board holds a speedometer seen in past Mahindra jeeps as well.

Interior Comfort
2014 Mahindra Thar is designed for those who demand power from their car and great performance on off-roads. Thus this gypsy doesn’t assures supreme comfort but definitely keeps the passengers safe. The adventurous drives in jungle or a desert or a hilly area are all possible with this stunning jeep 2014 Mahindra Thar with decent comfort to its passengers.